Jan 18

This Week @ Gizmo Brew Works:


*No Case Limit

Can Release Party

Finally, the time has come…

On Friday January 19th Gizmo is having their first ever can release with six packs of three of your favorites!

Beekeeper – Honey Wheat
Gizmo Gose Wild – Strawberry Gose
Fake News – New England IPA

You will soon see these cans available in all of your favorite bottle shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. Tomorrow is your chance to stock up on the first batch of Gizmo cans.

This is an exciting time for us! We hope you will bring your friends and family out to celebrate an important step in bringing our beer closer to you, our biggest fans.

Closed – Inclement Weather
Stay Safe and Warm


Open 3-11 pm
Can Release Party
Cask: Palisade Wasp IPA – Dryhopped with Cryogenic Mosaic Hops
Food Truck: King’s Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks
Live Music: Russ James

Open 1pm-11pm
Free tour 4pm

Open 1-8 pm

Open 4-8 pm
Bartender’s Choice $3

Open 4-8 pm
$1 Off bombers

Let us know what you think on Untapped!!

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Wet Hop Pale Ale

logo_wet_hop_2015This Spring we found ourselves with free time between batches. Armed with a shovel and a dream of growing our own hops, we dug with enthusiasm. With the trellis up, rhizomes planted and a green thumbs up from our local farmer/mentor, we looked over our field with pride. Gizmo Farm Works was born as the bines leapt out of the ground within weeks. By late July they were towering. With the goal of using the hops as fresh as possible, we cut them from the vine as we brewed. Though our intentions were pure, our idea of how long it would take to trim all these cones was flawed. We feverously trimmed cone after cone, stopping only to run and weigh how much we had picked before adding it to the kettle. It was the equivalent of throwing all your ingredients from pantry into a dish, then writing the recipe as it bakes. It was chaos. It was exhausting. It was perfectly imperfect.


Now that you know how it all started, here’s how it ends:
“Some kind of NC grown Wet Hop Pale Ale. This beer was hopped start to finish with fresh cut hops to achieve an unknown IBU. Whatever this brew you are holding in your and is, know it was crafted with hard work, experimentation, love, and the best intentions.”


See you Harvest 2016,
Joe Walton
Head Brewer


Forgeworks Smoked Porter


Batch #1 on our new 7 barrel brewhouse was named in recognition of the craftsmen who fabricated the system, Bennett Forgeworks in Ridgeway, CO. Brewed using cherry wood smoked malt, this porter is best enjoyed in the company of friends escaping crisp cool weather in front of a fire pit.

Availability: Winter

Bronze – 2015 Carolina Championship of Beers

Barrel Stiletto Stout

Bronze – 2015 Carolina Championship of Beers

Queen Bee

queen beelogo_queenbeeImperial Honey Wheat

A pipping sound, a vibration shakes her cell. The swarm has begun, signaling the dawn of a new monarchy. The wax that covers her chamber is opened; dripping in honey, she emerges before her workers. Her sweetness enchants them. Her crown rules them.

To celebrate our second anniversary, we present the Queen of honey wheat beers. Sixty pounds of fresh Orange Blossom Honey was added to this Imperial Hefeweizen. After a month maturing in charred Kentucky bourbon barrels, her time has come to assume the throne.

Long Live the Queen!
Long Live Gizmo!

Maillard Reaction

logo_maillardreactionLike so many of mankind’s greatest discoveries, Louis C. Maillard’s was an accident. While attempting to synthesize proteins, he uncovered the most widely practiced chemical reaction in the world. Also known as the “browning reaction”, he found that when proteins and sugar reacted under high heat, the color and flavor of the product was altered. This was the birth of flavor chemistry. Our ability to manipulate these color and flavor compounds has led to changing how we prepare everything from steak to this beer.

This fall, we pay tribute to the reaction so important to our Imperial Brown Ale. It’s dark, toasty color and aroma is a direct result of the grain’s time in the kiln. The caramelization of brown sugar boosts its sweetness and gravity. The addition of fresh cinnamon and vanilla ensure the final product is perfect to pair with the cool nights and bonfires ahead. We think Maillard would approve, even if we’re overreacting.

ABV: 9.5%
Availability: Limited

Alternating Current Altbier

Alternating CurrentAmidst the rise of aggressively hopped West Coast IPAs, Gizmo Brew Works offers an alternative for the sensitive palate. With Alternating Current Altbier, we swing the pendulum in the opposite direction of the big hoppy beers by focusing on the malt and yeast. Brewed true to the German style using Dusseldorf alt yeast, German hops, and a standard altbier grain profile, Alternating Current showcases the smooth sweetness of the Munich malt against a clean finish.


ABV: 5.3%
Availability: Fall

3rd Place – 2015 NC Brewers’ Cup
Bronze – 2015 Carolina Championship of Beers
Bronze – 2014 Carolina Championship of Beers

Coffee Stiletto Stout

Coffee Stiletto
Our Black Stiletto is wide awake after a double shot of Ethiopian coffee from our friends over at Benelux. Slow roasted beans, added directly to the beer, impart a distinct flavor of espresso with hints of blackberry and chocolate. It’s a winning combination that will perk you up, even on the coldest of winter nights.

ABV: 6.8%
Availability: Brewer’s Whim

2015 NC Brewer’s Cup 4th Place

Barrel Wasp IPA

A storm left their nest uninhabitable. Luckily for the wasp, they found shelter in bourbon barrels. Luckily for them, their makers hit the mark. Released on August 6th, 2015 in honor of International IPA Day, only 100 bottles were made available…and your holding one them. Lucky you.

ABV: 6.1%
Availability: Brewer’s Whim

Black Hop Down Black IPA

West coast hops make a covert entry into our new winter seasonal. Disguised in a dark cloak of Midnight Wheat, this India Black Ale packs 71 IBUs. Centennial, Columbus, Chinook, Comet, and Amarillo stealthily assume their position on the field of battle. Survival is unlikely… escaping this darkness is impossible.

ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 71
Availability: Brewer’s Whim

Bronze – 2015 Carolina Championship of Beers

Golden Ale-ement

The question of the perfect light craft ale is, forgive us, ale-ementary. If you desire something that is light in both body and color, look no further than Gizmo Brew Works’ Golden Ale-ement. Our golden ale balances a subtle lemon flavor with the crispness of a lager. Hoppy but not bitter, flavorful yet easy drinking, Golden Ale-ement sets the standard for quality.

ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 14
Availability: Brewer’s Whim

Aztec Gold Imperial Chocolate Stout

Aztec Gold
The first people to make chocolate were the ancient tribes of Mexico and Central America, including the Incas, Aztec and Mayans. They mixed ground cacao seeds with various seasonings to make a spicy, frothy drink which they called chocolatl. The Aztecs valued their drink so much that cocoa was used as a currency worth more than gold.

We celebrate this invention with our Aztec Gold Imperial Chocolate Stout. We brewed it with cocoa nibs grown in Belize and roasted by Raleigh’s own Videri Chocolate Factory. The addition of vanilla beans makes this beer a well balanced treat.

ABV: 9.2%
Availability: Limited – November

Bronze – 2015 Carolina Championship of Beers

Trebuchet Barleywine

Trebuchet Barleywine
It is said that the French army introduced this medieval weapon in the 12th century. Others claim that the trebuchet was a Chinese creation made around 300 B.C. Whichever is true, there is little controversy that the trebuchet ruled supreme against the strongest fortress.

Gizmo’s Trebuchet Barleywine smells sweetly of cherries and berries, this big fruity brew checks in at 9.3% ABV. Balanced with English hops, crystal malts lend a slight roasted flavor within the malty goodness to help cut the sweetness.

ABV: 9.3%
Availability: Limited – January

2015 NC Brewer’s Cup 1th Place

Tripel Digits Belgian Tripel

Tripel DigitsIn the early 1700’s the ability to recognize the difference between hot and cold was nothing new. The ability to quantify temperatures however was impossible until Daniel Fahrenheit forever changed modern science. Sure, beer was brewed, but with little knowledge of just how much temperature affected the desired outcome. The mercury thermometer and subsequent Fahrenheit scale are just a few of the weapons he added to the brewers’ arsenal.
This Belgian Tripel can stand the heat. Aromas of flowers and fruits temper the classic Belgian nose. Clove and pepper notes ignite the tongue, giving way to a crisp and refreshing finish, even when it’s 100+ degrees outside. This summer, we offer a toast to triple digit temperatures and our ability to recognize them.
ABV: 8.7%
Availability: Limited – July

Trojan Horse Imperial IPA

Trojan Horse
After ten years of war, the silence is deafening. The impregnable fortress of Troy has left the mighty Greeks no choice but to abandon their campaign. As the white sails disappear into the Aegean sea, all that remains on the
beach is a parting gift from their defeated enemies. It takes 500 men to pull the prize through the gates into the city’s heart; the spoils of war…the most bitter of mistakes.
The Trojan Horse was a brilliant, deceptive and cunning subterfuge that changed the course of history. Like the ruthless assassins hiding in plain sight outside the gates, this Imperial IPA is destined to pillage with a hop flavor and aroma. Rye malt from a local farm fuels their vengeance. This brew is a tribute to the inventors of thinking outside the box, even when it’s ironic. Look this gift horse in the mouth, Trojan…we dare you.
ABV: 9.7%
Availability: Limited – June

Enigma Weizenbock

Hoppy Grounds
An enigma is a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. In the Second World War, German inventors supplied their military with the Enigma cipher machines for encrypting and decrypting messages. Fortunately for the Allies inventors at Bletchley Park in England invented the worlds first programmable digital electronic computer to break the code.

A puzzling twist on common wheat beers, the Weizenbock style is a more powerful Dunkle Weizen brewed at a Bock strength. True to the German style, Gizmo’s Enigma Weizenbock melds banana and clove flavors with a sweet yet dry finish.

ABV: 7.9%
Availability: Limited – March

2015 NC Brewer’s Cup 1th Place

Hoppy Grounds Coffee Pale Ale

Hoppy Grounds
Hoppy Grounds Pale Ale is an English-style pale ale that combines cold press Ethiopian coffee from our friends at Benelux Coffee with the earthy spiciness of English hops. With a surprising peppery spice and subtle coffee flavor, medium bodied and complex, this unique pale ale is sure to wake up any palate.

ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 35
Availability: Spring

Bronze – 2015 Carolina Championship of Beers

Black Stiletto Stout

Black Stiletto Stout
A sexy, silky stout adds panache to any social situation, so we brewed Black Stiletto Stout with an eye toward style. Its creamy head smells sweetly of roasted barley and caramel before giving way to the full bodied blend of dark chocolate, toffee, and bready English ale yeast. Our choice ingredients create a rich and harmonious flavor profile that slides down the throat with a velvety mouthfeel. Robust but not filling, our Black Stiletto Stout will make you do a double take.

ABV: 6.1%
Availability: Year Round

Silver – 2014 Carolina Championship of Beers

Beekeeper Honey Wheat

Beekeeper Honey Wheat exhibits the characteristics of honey sweetness, floral nose, fruity flavors, a hint of clove, with a light body. Brewed with wildflower honey, Gizmo’s honey wheat beer is a nod to the beekeeping profession. Due to popular demand, this once summer favorite is now available year round.

ABV: 5.5%
Availability: Year Round

Bronze – 2015 Carolina Championship of Beers